[AthCon 2011]

Network Exploitation with Ncrack - It's not about plain brute-forcing anymore
Speaker:Fotis Hantzis

Exploiting Anti-Reversing Techniques: Attacking Armadillo's Loader under Xenocode Application Virtualization
Speaker:Kyriakos Economou

Enterprise Sharing Portal (e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint, J2ee Liferay Portal)
Speaker:Giorgio Fedon

What You didn't know about Metasploit
Speaker:Rodrigo Marcos

Smartphone Malware Detection (SMD)
Speaker:Yiannis Koukouras

Win32 Exploit Development with pvefindaddr + Project Quebec
Speaker:Peter Van Eeckhoutte

Introducing the Parasite
Speaker:Nikos Tsagarakis

Pushing in dropping a load and pulling out quietly
Speaker:Iftach Ian Amit

[AthCon 2010]

AthCon 2010 Moments
Extended Video

Got Database Access? Own The Network
Speaker:Bernardo Damele A.G

Fuzzing - The Past The Present And The Future
Speaker:Rodrigo Marcos

Cyber[War|Crime] - Connecting The Dots
Speaker:Iftach Ian Amit

How to present a new release of a sql injection tool without talking about sql injection at all
Speaker:Alberto Ravelli

Extrusion Testing - One Step Beyond
Speaker:George Fekkas

BNF (Backus-Naur Form) Based Blackbox Fuzzing
Speaker:Chariton Karamitas aka Huku

OWASP Top 10 - 2010: Towards a secure Software Development Lifecycle
Speaker:Konstantinos Papapanagiotou

Attacking VoIP and understanding what cyber-crime is doing
Speaker:Sandro Gauci

The DHCP Recession: Extended DHCP Exhausting attack
Speaker:A.R Samhuri

Mobile privacy: Tor on the iPhone and other unusual devices
Speaker:Marco Bonetti

JBOSS Autopwn
Speaker:Christian Papathanasiou

Alice Shares, Eve Reads: Enumerating File Hosting Services
Speaker: Nick Nikiforakis

Context-Keyed Payload Encoding:Fighting the Next Generation of IDS
Speaker:Dimitris Glynos

Gone Rogue: An Analysis of the Rogue Security Software Landscape
Speaker:Corrado Leita>