1. When does AthCon take place?
AthCon 2013 will take place 6-7 June 2013.

2. Where does Athcon take place?
Athcon will take place in Jockey's Country Club.

3. What time does the conference start and what time does it end?
Conference talks start at 10am. Reception will be open at 9am so registered attendants should arrive at 9am in order to receive their conference badge. All attendants will be required to wear their badge in order to enter the conference areas, so please ensure you register at the reception to receive it.

4. How can we reach the venue? Means of transportation?
The venue is Jockeys Country club. it can be reached by taxi from Hotel twentyone by requesting a taxi from reception and supplying your taxi driver with the below Google map.

Point A is the venue. Point B is the hotel.

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Also the venue itself has provided this map: Jockey's map which may help your taxi driver as well

5. Where can we stay for the duration of the conference?
The conference venue does not offer lodging. Those who require accommodation can book hotel rooms in nearby areas, Kefalari, Kifisia. We have a special rate for the hotel where Athcon Speakers will stay. If you wish to book a room at the same hotel and use the discount rate please download the form below.
Hotel Twentyone:AthCon 2013 - Reservation Form

6. What is the conference official language?
AthCon's official language is english. All presentations and talks are in English. Greek or other translation is not offered.

7. How can i obtain AthCon DVD?
You can order it after the conference. We will publish more details after the conference. So Stay tuned..

8. Are Attendance Certifications provided?
No, AthCon does not offer Attendance certifications.

10. Is any documentation/registration proof required for entering the conference?
Those paying via paypal please bring the payment confirmation as proof.

11. What is the ticket cost for AthCon 2013? What is included in the price.
The cost for AthCon 2013 tickets is 120Euros. The ticket covers Conference entrance and badge, coffee offered during the conference and lunch. Also free entrance to the party after the conference.

12. How can i purchase a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket for AthCon 2013 online, using Paypal payment method and choosing the suitable ticket type from the drop down menu. You can also pay via wire transfer for the ticket. Registration/Ticket purchase options are described in our webpage